Executive Committee

This Committee leads and manages the Board.  The Committee's leadership and management responsibilities include assuring the Board relevant strategic agenda, effective committees, well-prepared materials, well managed meetings, member recruitment and orientation, and Board continuing education.

Communications Committee

This Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of an external marketing/public awareness plan. This plan is the basis for activities that promote a better understanding of the work of the Workforce Investment Board, its programs, and acxtivities. This Committee will also assist in the development of public awareness materials for  elected officials, employers, community leaders, and the general public. As part of the public awareness function of this Committee, they will schedule and conduct regular meetings with local, State and Federal elected officials. 

Program Operations Committee

This Committee is responsible for recommending policy direction to the Board regarding the design, development, and implementation of programs that benefit all adults, dislocated workers and youth.  The Youth Council will help enhance and guide a comprehensive community workforce development system and is responsible for the review of program services and system partners. The Program Operations Committee will also work with the one-stop operator and system partners on continuous improvement in service integration.

System and Trends Committee

This Committee is responsible for recommending policy regarding the design, development, and implementation of a seamless workforce system that responds to economic development needs.  This Committee is also responsible for enhancing and managing performance measurements for the System.  The Committee will manage participation and results in key workforce development system initiatives.  Workforce System and Trends Committee will analyze current and projected economic and demographic trends and issues impacting workforce development.  This  committee will also recommend workforce development initiatives in response to economic and demographic trends and issues. 

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