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Professional Services Consulting RFP

Q & A

Is the scope of the project meant to focus on WIOA Title I services, or does it include services provided by other partners? If so, which partners? The scope of the project is meant to focus on any and all WIOA partners who provide services to job seekers at the Workforce Center and local business. Those partners would include:

  • Title I Adult, Dislocated Workers and Youth
  • Title II Adult Education & Family Literacy
  • Title III Wagner-Peyser
  • Title IV Vocational Rehabilitation

The initial contract period is from November 20, 2017 to June 30, 2018, with possible extension. In developing the project work plan, should we assume that the requested project activities for each of the three focus areas should be completed during the initial contract period? The work plan should address all three areas as outlined in the RFP within the timeframe stated during the initial contract period.

Is it acceptable to recommend technology or propose the use of technology in both the assessment and enhancement of the current processes for Business Services; Job Seeker Customer Services; and Business and Job Seeker Customer Satisfaction? Yes, it is acceptable to recommend technology or the use of technology in your proposal.

Have you identified a not-to-exceed budget for this contract? If so, can you share the amount? We are looking to the bidders to tell us what it will cost for their company to create and implement the work plan as identified in the RFP.

In the Contract Requirements section, the RFP indicates that there will be reporting requirements associated with the contract. Has the Workforce Investment Board determines what data elements will be required? We believe the work plan will need to be developed first before determining what data elements can be set. However, it is expected that the plans would include a method to evaluate the process and promote continuous improvement – and depending on the process proposed, some reporting could be dictated by DCEO requirements.

On page 2, the Proposal Guidelines reference the Budget and Budget Narrative attachment for cost information; however on page 3, separate information is referenced under 4. Financial Management Plan: Budget and Narrative. Can you clarify this information and what the requirements are for submitting budget/cost information? Both the Budget and Budget Narrative as well as the Financial Management Plan: Budget and Narrative refer to the same document which is Attachment 2 of the packet. The budget narrative must provide justification for each budget line item and all costs must be necessary and reasonable.


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